Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Find Fun on the Water - Now Through Labor Day & Beyond!

In our opinion, every single day is a great time to get out on the water, but for the next couple of weekends, there are some exciting things going on for boating at the Lake of the Ozarks to make it even better. Whether you enjoy high speed and lots of fellow boaters, or you prefer quieter sections of the lake, BomBay Boat Rental Co. has a few suggestions for every type of boater.

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High Speed & Big Crowds

We covered details about the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in last week's blog. This Friday, August 26, is the Shootout Poker Run. You're can easily make a few new friends among the 8 stops on the route, and you could even win some great prizes while you're at it. 

Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28, is when the speed races take place. Thousands of people will tie up together to line the course and share in the excitement of these incredible boats that are all vying for the title of "Top Gun." It's a long couple of days, but an experience both race fans and party people should experience. You can arrange to rent one of our ski boats or tritoons for the entire weekend and see it all.  

Fewer People but Lots of Action

If you don't want to spend your weekend with thousands of people, but still enjoy a bit of a crowd, all of the waterfront bars and restaurants are still open for their summer hours. 

While most of the boaters are at the races, the establishments that aren't on that side of the lake will be a little less lively than usual, but still plenty of fun. Most of them will have talented musicians entertaining, and Lake of the Ozarks restaurants are filled with amazing food choices. 

Chilling Out On the Water

For those of you that prefer to cove out, get in some swimming, and maybe even a little water skiing or tubing, there are plenty of quiet coves for you to enjoy. Some of the busier coves will even be a bit less crowded than usual with so many people at the Shootout. The water is still warm and perfect for playing in this time of year. We have paddleboard rentals too, if you're up for learning something new.   

Labor Day Weekend Fun

The water will be alive with activity for the holiday weekend, so you will be able to find lots of fun happening at all of the waterfront attractions for Labor Day. As always, there will be plenty of fireworks displays happening, and watching those from a Lake of the Ozarks boat rental is a special experience. All of the displays will begin once it gets dark enough, generally around 9:30 pm, and more may be added before the holiday. 
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Saturday, Sept. 3

Bear Bottom Resort
38 MM of the Osage Arm

Sunday, Sept. 4

Tan-Tar-A Resort 
26 MM of the Main Channel

The Lodge of Four Seasons
13.5 MM of the Main Channel

The Fun Continues After Labor Day

The next couple of weekends will pack the lake full of boaters, enjoying loads of awesome activities on the water. Many people will try to tell you that Labor Day is the end of summer fun, but those people are completely wrong! Late summer into fall is an excellent time to take advantage of all that the lake area has to offer. 

Many of the waterfront attractions will remain open until the weather forces them to shut down, so you've still got a good couple of months to enjoy those. College kids and families with children in school will be busy, so there will be a lot less traffic on the water. In addition to those benefits, getting to see the colors change with the fall season is positively breathtaking.

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BomBay Boat Rental Co. will be here to make sure that you get out on the water as often as you like. Give us a call, stop by one of our three rental locations, or reserve your Lake of the Ozarks boat rental online. 


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