Friday, June 15, 2018

5 Reasons Boating is Great for Your Overall Health!

We haven't met very many people that are unhappy when they are boating. There is just something about getting out on the open waters at the Lake of the Ozarks that puts you in a great mood! In fact, boating leads to a happier, healthier life! That's why here at BomBay Boat Rental Company we live by our motto, "Better Product, Better Prices, Better People!" Our team is made up of devoted boat lovers and we know that boating leads to a happier, healthier life. Not convinced? We had a feeling some of you may not be... that's why we put together a list of reasons boating is good for your overall health and wellbeing!

1) Excellent Way to Relieve Stress! 

Many studies have been done that show simply being near water is a natural way to lower your anxiety. In a survey of over 1,000 households, boating was listed in the top 3 of all stress-relieving activities. If you are in need of a calming activity in your life, boating is a great hobby to take up.

2) It's Healthy For You 

Taking in some fresh air in the great outdoors is proven to be good for your overall health. It can increase a person's concentration skills, and increase creativity. When you spend the day on a boat rental from BomBay Boat Renal, you will provide your body with lots of Vitam D from the sun. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sunscreen!

3) Great Exercise

While boating itself isn't necessarily exercising, the activities that go along with boating can involve exercise. Swimming, skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding are all great ways to get a workout and have fun while doing so! 

4) Unplug! 

With technology these days we tend to spend a lot of time behind screens. A day out boating is a great way to put away the electronics and spend some time enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends. Take your mind off of work, school, and any other stresses in your life and just relax while taking in the breathtaking scenery! 


When you are having fun, your body has a way of just feeling great. Boating is an addictive activity and that is always so much fun! Like we said earlier, we don't know very many people that are unhappy when they are on a boat. Having fun on the water relieves stress and allows you to take a much-needed break from everyday life. 

There you have it, five reasons boating leads to a happier, healthier life! BomBay Boat Rental Company makes becoming an avid boater an affordable pastime. We offer many different rate plans to accommodate everyone: hourly, daily, multi-day, and weekly. Military, senior, and preferred customer discounts are available, and best of all, our waverunner and boat rental memberships allow you to get out on the water all season long. When you are ready to start leading a happier, healthier life make your boat rental reservations at the Lake of the Ozarks

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Obtain Your Boating Certification in 3 Easy Steps!

The best boat rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks are a great way to truly enjoy the "lake experience." Everyone that visits our incredible area for vacation, and even all of the lucky people that live here year-round, should visit BomBay Boat Rental Company and take out one of our amazing boats or jet ski rentals. However, if you were born after January 1, 1984  you should obtain your Missouri Boating Certificate before getting out on the water.

Before you get behind the wheel, you will need to obtain your Boater Education Card. It's not hard to get and can be done online. Once you earn it, it is yours for life. An approved boater safety course is required for anyone over the age of 14 that will be operating any vessel on the lakes of Missouri. Under the age of 14, a person may only operate a motorboat or PWC if they are under the direct, onboard supervision of someone 16 years of age or older. There is no minimum age for taking the test though, so children under the age of 14 are welcome to go ahead and earn their own card. Follow these three easy steps below to get your Missouri Boaters Certificate!

1)  Study and Pass the Missouri Boaters Course 

All you need to do is go to to take the course. This site provides great resources for success, including a study guide! The cost to take the course is $24.50 and an additional $17 state fee. You will have two exam attempts, and you don't have to pay until you pass the exam. 

2) Print Your Temporary Certification  

Once you pass the exam, you will be all set to rent a boat at the best boat rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks! You can print a temporary operating permit that will allow you to get on the water immediately. Your official lifetime Boating Certification Card will come in the mail in about 45 days. 

3) Go Boating!

Now that you have passed your exam and you have your tempory printed certification, you are ready to get out and rent a boat from BomBay Boat Rental Company! The best news is your card is good for a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy any Missouri waterway forever! This is perfect for enjoying the Lake of the Ozarks all Summer long. 

Even though it may be a pain to obtain your lifetime Missouri Boating Certification, both the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Divison and BomBay Boat Rental Company only have your safety in mind. Once you complete the course, you should know everything you need to stay safe out on the water. Plus, having the Boater Education Card is the law. We will still allow you to rent a watercraft without your certification but anyone operating a boat or PWC without it could be fined.  You've still got time to complete the course just in time for the Summer season! So get online and take your test today if you have yet to do so. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Delicious Snack Ideas PERFECT for Boating!

Renting a boat at the Lake of the Ozarks is a great way to get the whole gang together and enjoy an all-day activity at the Lake! Cruise the lake on one of our pontoon rentals or take an exhilarating ride on our ski boat rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks. Enjoy tubing or simply make it a relaxation day out on the water. However you decide to spend your day on one of our boat rentals, you are sure to work up an appetite after being on the water for a few hours! We don't know the science behind it but being out in the sun and on the water makes you hungry! Check out these snack ideas to bring along, perfect for a day out on the water!

Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches

Hawaiian roll sandwiches are the PERFECT way to make on the go sandwiches! All you need to do to make these delicious sandwiches is first to choose your favorite lunch meat, cheese, condiments, and toppings. Take out the rolls and DO NOT CUT THEM, this is what makes these so easy to make! Simply pile on your meat, cheese, and whatever else you would like and put the top back on. Put your sandwiches back on the cardboard and then cut them. These sandwiches are so easy to transport because you just put them back in the Hawaiian Roll bag and throw them in the cooler. 

Salad in a Cup 

If you are looking for a healthy option, purchase to go cups with a lid. Pick your favorite salad ingredients and layer in the cup. These will travel easily and make for the perfect lunch or snack. You can make any kind of salad that you want but here is a recipe that we thought sounded pretty tasty!

Tropical Spinach Salad 


3 c. fresh baby spinach
⅓ c. strawberries, chopped
⅓ c. pineapple, chopped
½ avocado, cubed
1 slice red onion, quartered ⅛ c.
⅛ c. chopped pecans
fresh-shaved parmesan cheese, to taste


Layer ingredients in medium salad bowl and top with Sweet Lime Vinaigrette.

Sweet Lime Vinaigrette

8 c. olive oil
8 c. vinegar
Tbsp. lime juice
Tbsp. agave nectar
Combine ingredients in a small container with a lid; shake well.

Recipe Courtesy of Pinterest posted by Cathy See full recipe here

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs are easy to put together and so fun! Again, this is a versatile recipe that you can make your own. Choose your favorite fruits and cut into cubes. Use bamboo skewers and alternate the fruit until your skewer is full. Fruits that work great for these skewers include: watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, and strawberries. You can use your favorite fruits but you should stick with fruits that are easily diced. We don't suggest using bananas or apples because often they turn brown before you eat them. These skewers store well in a Tupperware container or a gallon sized bag. 

Get creative and have fun making snacks to bring aboard our boat rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks! Sure you can stop at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat but why not spend as much time out on the water as possible when you pack delicious snacks with you. Spending time out on the water is the perfect activity for large and small groups. We even have 15 passenger boats for rent. For the best boat rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks, contact BomBay Boat Rentals!