Thursday, June 1, 2017

3 GREAT Reasons to Rent a Boat

It's a summer pastime. Getting out on the water, enjoying time with friends and family, soaking up the sun, and trying your hand at new watersports. Of course, if you don't own a boat - that can prove a bit challenging. That's where BomBay Boat Rental Company comes in! Our boat rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks is the BEST place to get your boat for any amount of time. Here are three GREAT reasons to rent a boat this summer!

1. Best Bang for Your Buck

Buying a boat can cost a lot of money upfront, but to make matters worse - if you don't use the boat a LOT you may come out on the short end. Because of this, BomBay Boat Rental has created a membership plan that helps you to come out on top from the start. To make it even better, with our membership plan, you only pay for the months out of the year that you USE your boat.

Options & Features

Weekday plan, 7-day plan, or 
Family or Shared plan

1-time membership fee

Only 6 months of payments
(April 1st – September 1st)

4 Advanced reservations per year
( for a 48 hour time period)

Unlimited access through 1-day
advanced reservation
( 24 hour usage time)

Can use all 4 locations

Cancel anytime,
with 60 days written notice

2. Rent NEW Boats

One of the biggest scares for renting a boat is that you could get a 'lemon' but that's not the case with BomBay Boat Rental. We ONLY rent boats that are new. This year we are featuring boats from 2017 - and when your rental is delivered to you, we are sure you will be 100% satisfied with the quality. We have a Cobalt 220 Ski Boat, a Sylvan Mirage Tritoon, and two SeaDoo Jet Skis to choose from. If you're ready to hit the water in a boat that is top of the line, and not more than a year old - we can help!

3. NO Maintenance

Finally, the best reasons to rent a boat is that you don't have to do any of the maintenance. Your boat is always ready, all of the time. You can head out on the water and know that all of the annual maintenance has been finished, the filters have all been changed, and there aren't any malfunctions that haven't been corrected.

It's Time to Plan Your Summer

It's never too late to make your summer plans - if you want to enjoy your summer days out on the water, BomBay Boat Rental wants to help you. Our Lake of the Ozarks boat rental company is committed to providing you, the customer with the best rental fleet on the water. When you rent from us you will find a very clean and well-maintained vessel with all the amenities to assure that you and your family have a wonderful day on the water!



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