Friday, October 21, 2016

Discover 7 Great Midwest Fall Scenic Tours

Autumn is in the air! The leaves are changing at the Lake of the Ozarks and the mild temperatures are calling us outdoors. Now is the perfect time to hit the road for a fall foliage tour and we're going to share some fantastic places to explore before the last leaf drops for winter. Of course, if you're so inclined to swap the scenic road tour for a boat ride, BomBay Boat Rentals can send you out for a day trip on the gorgeous Lake of the Ozarks! 

St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri makes fall look good! The season lingers here and we don't mind at all. You'll find many ways to celebrate this time of year in St. Louis. If heights don't make you fuss take a ride to the top of the Gateway Arch, you're sure to see the city in all it's fall glory from the window of this landmark. Forest park boasts over 1,000 miles of beautiful changing leaves and is perfect for a breezy picnic. But don't lose your walking shoes just yet! Take a stroll through the Missouri Botanical Gardens and don't forget to take time to visit the Zoo - it's free!

Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway

An easy drive from St. Louis, this National Scenic Byway is sure to please the leaf lovers. It threads through natural areas, past water views, bluffs and the beautiful fall foliage will be visible throughout. You won't miss a thing on this route. Meal options are plenty, history and art culture are around every corner and you might enjoy some local vineyards on your way too! 

Katy Trail

Did you know it's possible to pedal your way across Missouri? You may not have the time (or stamina) to bike the 225 mile Katy Trail but you may find a day excursion is all you need to enjoy some of the loveliest changing trees our state has to offer. The trail starts northwest of St Louis and loosely follows the Missouri River west. Depending on where you come into the trail, you'll find it winds through farmland, prairie, wooded country and more. If you're from the Lake of the Ozarks area, just an hour west you'll find the Katy Trail entrance in Jefferson City, Missouri. Whether you're biking or hiking, you won't be disappointed! 

The Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

Ready to see Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa from one great platform? The byway runs through rolling, wooded countryside that is sure to be in spectacular fall form this season. Take a break at an awe-inspiring outlook in the tiny town of White Cloud, located just 85 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri. When you'e reached this post on the bluffs of the Missouri River, you'll know you're at the end of the 63 mile Glacial Hills Scenic Byway.

Missouri Wine Trails

The colors on the trees can be seen in a glass when you travel Missouri's wine trails! As you make your way through the state you'll find many wineries along the Missouri River. The region will be bustling with fall festivities, wine tours and tastings.

The Ozarks

As the landscape transformation takes place, there's no better way to explore nature and beauty than through a tour of the Ozarks. Near Branson, Missouri you'll find, nearly every road you take offers stunning views from the hills and cliffs of the Ozark Mountains. From mountain tops to level lakes, you'll find overlooks in abundance and opportunities to take a stroll through many area nature trails.  

Arkansas' Eureka Springs

If art, history and quirky culture are on your fun list, a Victorian town nestled in the hills of Arkansas might be your destination of choice. This charming historical town offers more than colorful charms, you'll find art galleries, award winning cuisine, natural springs and enough trees to get your lovely leaf gazing fix. It's a must see on your scenic getaway!

Autumn is an incredible time to discover the scenery of the Midwest. Whether your idea of a getaway is a long peaceful drive, or wandering the colorful tree-shaded streets of a small town, we know you'll love the beauty of these great fall tours. If you prefer to stay a little closer to home, BomBay Boat Rental Company invites you to reserve a boat on our website or by giving us a call. The Lake of the Ozarks is our backyard and it's beautiful foliage is on full fall display! 


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