Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Boat Safety Week Tips - Just in Time for Memorial Day Weekend

We are in the midst of Boating Safety Week, wisely placed right before all of the Memorial Weekend boat traffic hits the water. May 21-27 is a special week that is set aside to bring awareness to the importance of keeping yourself and everyone on the water with you safe in every way possible. 

BomBay Boat Rental Company knows that this is a very important topic. Earlier this month, we posted a blog about 6 Safety Tips for Tubing on the Lake of the Ozarks, and today we are highlighting a few boating safety tips for you. One thing that needs to be done to stay safe while you are out there is proper upkeep and maintenance on all boating equipment. 

When you rent a boat at the Lake of the Ozarks from us, you know that this is already taken care of. We always provide the newest and best maintained fleet on the water. This guarantees that our watercraft will give you their top performance when you take them out, and also that you and your crew will be safe to travel all over the lake. The rest of these tips are things that you need to be aware of while you are enjoying an afternoon on our gorgeous lake. 

Life jackets

Every boat needs to have one life jacket for every person on board. Children under the age of 7 must keep their life jacket on unless they are in the cabin of the boat, and all PWC riders must wear their life jacket at all times. 9 out of 10 drownings could have been prevented by wearing a life jacket, plus, it's the law. 

Learn the rules of the water.

The easiest way to learn the rules for driving on the water is to take the Official Missouri Boating Safety Course online. All boaters that were born after January 1, 1984 are required to have a boater education card while operating a vessel on any Missouri lake. Brushing up on the facts is even a good idea for avid boaters that haven't been on the water in a while.   

Have a Float Plan

A Float Plan is a document that you fill out before your boat trip with important details about who is with you, where you are going, and when you plan to be back. This should be filled out and left with someone that can alert authorities if you do not make it back when you should.  

Safe speed & distance 

Never use speeds that are unsafe for the current conditions or your skill level. Also, make sure that you maintain a safe distance between yourself and others on the water. Always leave plenty of room to make turns and stops to avoid a collision.   

Watch your gas levels. 

Nothing stops the fun faster than running out of gas. Always be aware of how much gas you have left and how far it can take you. Find out where the closest gas docks are on your route. 

Stay in touch

Keep a fully charged cell phone on hand in case you get stuck out on the lake and need to call for help. It's also wise to keep the phone and other important items in a waterproof case while you are out there. 

Know what to expect from the weather

Always check the weather forecast before heading out. Sometimes bad weather shows up unexpectedly, so keep an eye on any possible changes to the weather while you are boating, and go out prepared for anything.

Don't drink & boat. 

Anyone driving a boat or PWC should never have any alcoholic beverages while operating the watercraft. Passengers are allowed to drink, but over-intoxication can result in injuries or even falling overboard. 

All of us here at BomBay Boat Rental Company want you to stay safe so that your boating experience is a good one. That way you will want to come back every summer, all season long, and enjoy our Lake of the Ozarks boat rentals. Following the tips above will go a long way in helping you to remain your safest, but never overestimate the power of common sense. If it seems dangerous, don't do it. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about all boating topics, including safety. We hope you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. If you are in need of a jet ski or boat rental, make a reservation online or give us a call at 1-888-259-6096.  


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