Friday, August 28, 2015

Lake of the Ozarks Shootout History

The Lake area has been buzzing about the 27th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout all week.  Saturday and Sunday, boats will be competing for the honor of "Top Gun" by traveling at incredibly fast speeds.  A lot of interesting things have happened over the past 27 years to make the Shootout what it has become today.  BomBay Boat Rental Co. has some of that history right here for you.  

1988:  The Shootout is born!  Many local boaters got together to see who had the fastest boat.  This event benefited the Lake are fire departments of Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, and Sunrise Beach.  

1993:  The race officially became known as "Shooter's Shootout" or "Natoli's Shooters 21 Benefit Shootout."

1995:  The name was changed to "Celeco's Shooters 21 Benefit Shootout."

1996:  The Grovois and Mid-County Fire Districts joined the action.  

1997:  Another name change!  It was know called the "Lake Fire Rescue Shootout."  80 boats ran this year. 

2006:  A new course record was set this year by Dave Callan and John Cosker.  They were clocked at an incredible 208 mph!

2007:  John Cosker got a little faster this year.  He broke his own record going 209 mph.  This was the last year that the Shootout would be held at Shooter's 21.      

2008:  For the 20th anniversary of the Shootout, it was moved to the new location of Captain Ron's Bar & Grill.  Over 60,000 people showed up to watch the races, and a new record was set.  Dave Scott earned "Top Gun" with a run of 178 mph on this new course.

2009:  This year not only brought a new course record from Dave Scott at 196 mph, but a record attendance was reached with over 70,000 people attending the races. 

2010:  Dave Scott, along with John Tomlinson, once again set another course record.  They reached a speed of 208 mph.  The Shootout added 6 new events, making it the week-long celebration that we expect today.  $70,000 was donated to 20 different charitable organizations.

2011:  Canadian Bill Tomlinson and Ken Kehoe claimed the top honor this time.  They ran the course 8 times and tied the record of 208 mph on three of those runs.  This year saw over 100,000 fans attending.

2012:  Over $100,000 was given to 22 different Lake area organizations as a result of this year's donations.  This brought the 5-year total since the event moved to Captain Ron's to $322,000!

2013:  The 25th Anniversary Shootout added a Shootout Hall of Fame and inducted 10 new honorees from the past 25 years.  New records this year included:  Joe Srgro reaching 192 mph as top V, Dan O'Keefe was top PWC at 95 mph, and Brad Rowland had the top pontoon run at 114 mph.  Bill Tomlinson once again set a course record with an astonishing 224 mph.  $115, 000 was raised for 22 organiztions. 

2014:  This year brought new records, but also tragedy.  The "Spirit of Qatar" made two record-breaking runs during this year's Shootout, and his final top speed was an unbelievable 244 mph.  Sadly, Joel Begin's boat, throttled by Mike Fiore, flipped end over end at the finish line.  Joel was able to walk away from the hospital, but Mike passed away on the Tuesday after the races.

This year's Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is expected to be even bigger and better than ever.  All of us here at the best boat rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks can't wait to see if more records are broken.  Whether you listen on the radio, watch on television, or get the awesome chance to see the races live, this is an annual event that you should not miss.   


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