Thursday, June 18, 2015

4 Reasons That Dad's Love Boats

Father's Day will be here Sunday, and BomBay Boat Rental Company has the best idea for you... reserve one of our Lake of the Ozarks boat rentals and take Dad out on the water!  Just imagine the great big smile he will have from getting to spend a day with his family cruising along the gorgeous Lake of the Ozarks.  Here are 4 wonderful things that make Dad's love boats.   


1. Family Time

Boating is a great family activity.  You can pack a cooler full of food and drinks, grab some beach towels, and take everybody out for an entire day of fun.  Find a quiet cove and spend some time swimming in the water, or bring along the fishing poles and see who can make the biggest catch.  If you've got an active Dad, take out a tube or some water skis and see who can go the longest without falling off.  A day on a boat together is sure to make lots of happy memories for the whole family.


2. Tranquility 

The view from the middle of the Lake of the Ozarks is very likely one of the most relaxing and gorgeous sights that you will ever come across.  Our tritoon boat rentals offer plenty of room for everyone to sit back and unwind.   Sometimes weekends can be a bit crowded with other boats, but that doesn't change the beauty of our magnificent lake.  A beautiful end to a day out is catching the sun setting over the water.

3. Adrenaline Rush

Do you have the type of father that prefers excitement over relaxation?  Maybe you would be more interested in one of our ski boat rentals.  Put your dad behind the wheel and really let him open it up.  The main channel of the Lake of the Ozarks stretches 92 miles, so there is plenty of room to really pick up some speed and explore.    

4. Fresh Air

Getting outside is good for the body and the soul.  Boating is especially great for dads that don't get out much anymore or have a job where they are stuck inside for 8 hours a day.  The fresh air, the warm sun, and the wonderful atmosphere around you is sure to make it one of his best day's ever.  

So there you have it.  Get your father outside and on a boat this Father's Day.  Between the fresh air, the beauty, the fun, and the fact that you are there with him, he's gonna love it!  Make your boat rental reservation today to guarantee that you can spend Sunday on the Lake.  BomBay Boat Rental Company wishes all of the Dad's out there a very happy Father's Day.    


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