Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Basic Boating Terms You Should Know

Do you love the Lake of the Ozarks? BomBay Boat Rental Company not only loves the Lake of the Ozarks, we love boating on the Lake of the Ozarks! Next time you find yourself ready to rent one of the best rental boats on the lake we want you to be prepared. Whether you're interested in learning boat terminology because you want to increase your nautical knowledge or you want to impress your friends as you captain them through the water, there are so many things to study when it comes to boating. Before venturing out into open waters, it's important to have a basic understanding of common boat terms associated with the positions and directions of your boat. We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible on your boating journey, so take a look at our list of basic boating terms.

Common Boating Terms

1. Bow

The front end of a boat is the bow. When you move toward the bow, it is called going forward.

2. Stern

 Refers to the rear of the boat. When you move toward the stern, you are going aft.

3. Aft

When you moving towards the stern, you are going aft.

4. Forward

When you are moving towards the front end of a boat, this is called going forward.

5. Underway

When a boat is moving, either by power or sail, it is called being underway. A boat moving forward is moving ahead. When the boat moves backwards, it is going astern.

6. Port

If you are standing in the rear of the boat looking forward, port refers to the entire right side of the boat. 

7. Starboard

Standing at the rear of the boat and looking forward, starboard refers to the entire right side of the boat.

8. Amidships

Amidships is the central part of the boat, while athwartships is an imaginary line running from one side of the boat, to the other. 

9. Topside & Below

Going topside is moving from a lower deck to an upper deck of the boat, while going below is moving from an upper deck to a lower deck.

10. Windward & Leeward

Windward is the direction from which the wind is blowing; leeward is the opposite direction from which the wind is blowing. Knowing the windward side and leeward side is particularly helpful when you are operating in strong weather. 

11. Helm

The station from which a captain operates the boat is called the helm.

12. Cockpit

The cockpit is the space somewhere behind the helm where people can gather. 

13. Bow line

A bow line is a line that leads from the front of the boat, the bow, to the dock. It is used to tie the boat to the dock. (You'll toss this to a dock assistant when you're docking at your favorite Lake of the Ozarks shoreside restaurant!)

14. Inboard Motor

An inboard motor is a motor that is inside of the vessel.

15. Outboard Motor

An outboard motor is a motor that is outside of the vessel. It is attached to the transom. The transom is the flat part of the stern, or back, of the boat.

BomBay Boat Rental Company has armed you with these basic boating terms to help you enjoy a safe boating excursion for you and your passengers. You may find these boat terms come in handy when speaking with dock staff and communicating with service departments. Practice and memorize these useful terms and you'll be speaking the boating lingo in no time! When you rent your next boat from BomBay Boat Rental Co. you'll feel confident and ready to have a great day on the lake!

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