Friday, September 1, 2017

Tips for Packing Your Cooler for Labor Day Weekend

The summer finale is here - and while we’re sad to see Summer 2017 end, we’re not done yet! BomBay Boat Rental has the best boats at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we want YOU to have a great time during your holiday weekend. There are a few common themes that surround holiday weekends at the Lake: food and boats. You need both in order to have a properly successful weekend! We have the boats, and we have some cool info for you about how to pack your cooler for the most efficient snacks on your boat outing!

Tips for Packing Your Cooler

You’ll be out on the boat all day long, and in order to make the day perfect, you’ll want to have snacks on board. The goal will be to make sure that your food stays cold, organized, dry, and un-squished (you know those hot dog buns we’re talking about … ). One idea you may want to consider depending on the number of people that will be on board your boat is bringing two coolers, one for drinks and one for food. Even if you can’t bring two, though, here are a few tips to help you pack like a pro!

1. Keep It Cold

Ice blocks will stay colder a lot longer than ice cubes, to do a little bit of preparation and freeze some blocks ahead of time. You can also use larger ice packs, or canteens filled three-quarters full and frozen flat. You’ll want to pre-chill all of your food and your drinks, as they’ll help the ice stay cold. If you have anything that can stay frozen ahead of time, do it, and your cooler will stay cold longer.

2. Think Like a Grocery Bagger

If it’s fragile, put it on top. Bread, lettuce, tomatoes, or fruit. You’ll also want to stash lost items in a plastic tote - this would include items like ketchup, bags of meats and cheeses, and anything else that you don’t want to lose in the ice, then seal the tote with a lid.

The ice blocks will go on the bottom of the cooler, along with any other heavy items like meat (if you’re going to stop somewhere and grill out), boxes of cut up fruit, etc.

As you start layering, fill in the empty spaces with ice cubes.

3. Use Your Space Wisely

One thing that will waste space fast is excess packaging. Fill an empty jar with ketchup so that you don’t have to bring the whole bottle, and if you have prepackaged items that are large and bulky, consider downsizing them to a smaller Tupperware.

4. Keep Things Organized and DRY

It’s important to seal meats, cheese, and eggs in plastic bags. Foods will stay dry even when the ice starts to melt a bit. You’ll also want to label everything. You can mark containers with masking tape and a Sharpie, that way everyone will be able to help themselves to the food and nothing will end up “mystery meat.”

5. Keep the Cooler in the Shade

Finally, you’ll want to keep the cooler where it won’t be in the sun. The more sun it gets, the faster your ice will melt. In fact, the ice will last TWICE as long in the shade!

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