Friday, September 18, 2020

Don't Miss These Lake Events!

After Labor Day, a lot of people assume the Lake is winding down and there's nothing left to do but pack up and go home for the off-season. That couldn't be further from the truth! 

While there is less traffic and the temperatures have cooled off somewhat, BomBay Boat Rental Co. sees these as huge bonuses to enjoying a vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks in September and October. Not only is it easier to get around and less humid and hot, but there are also incredible events and fun things to do throughout the fall season. Keep reading to learn more about why you are going to want to reserve your rental and take advantage of these activities! 

New Race Event! 

This year, a new race is coming to the Lake of the Ozarks that will be a lot like Lake Race and the Shootout Lake of the Ozarks. This event is called Offshore at the Ozarks, and you won't want to miss this great event. 

The official sponsor and host are the Performance Boat Center and the Offshore Powerboat Association, and it will be held October 2nd (Friday) through October 3rd (Saturday). Similar to the Lake Race, these races will take place between the five and nine mile markers in front of Camden on the Lake. 

Get out and continue to enjoy the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks and witness this fun new-to-the-lake racing event with a boat rental from BomBay Boat Rental

Annual Fishing Tournament

Not a professional fisherman but would love the chance to win big bucks in a fun competition? Then the Big Bass Bash is for you. Every year, amateur anglers come to the Lake of the Ozarks to compete for the grand prize of $100,000! Even if you don't get first place, there are over 280 prizes that will be awarded to other placements, so you are not going to want to miss out on this fun time.

You can launch from anywhere on the Lake of the Ozarks and weigh-in at any of these five locations to hopefully win a big prize: 
  1. PB#2
  2. Red Oak Resort
  3. Ivy Bend
  4. Alhonna Resort
  5. Point Randall
This event will take place October 3rd (Saturday) through October 4th (Sunday). Although it will overlap with the Offshore at the Ozarks races, times have been adjusted so that there isn't a major conflict, and boats will be allowed to move through the race course during the tournament. 

(Photo Credit: FunLake)

Reserve Your Rental! 

With two such incredible events going on at the Lake of the Ozarks, you are not going to want to miss out! Give BomBay Boat Rental Co. a call to reserve your Lake of the Ozarks boat rental for this jam-packed weekend, and be prepared to have a great time! 

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