Friday, May 15, 2020

Ways to Observe Memorial Day 2020!

Memorial Day is just one week away, and summer will officially be underway at the Lake of the Ozarks! This Memorial Day Weekend may look a little different than years past, but there are still a lot of great things to do and ways to observe the occasion this year. BomBay Boat Rental Co. has a few great ideas for you to help inspire your own Memorial Day observance. Keep reading to learn more!

Honor Our Heroes

Memorial Day isn't just another holiday. This is a day set aside to remember on honor fallen troops - heroes. We take this time out of our workweek to remember the sacrifice that has been made so that we can live freely. Because of them, we are able to truly experience living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It's important to pause and acknowledge these heroes and their sacrifice. Teach your children about our history as a nation and why Memorial Day is a national holiday, that it's not just about hot dogs and an extra long weekend.

Back to Basics

Staying at home has likely increased the kids' screen time, especially with school being move to an online format. Break away from the screens and get back to basics and the traditions you may have had as a child. Draw hopscotch on the sidewalk and teach the kids how to play, go bike riding or rollerblading in the neighborhood, set up a tent in the backyard for a make-believe camping trip, see if you can make homemade ice cream! ... Think back to your childhood and the fun things you used to do without smartphones. You may be surprised just how fun it is to reconnect over the simpler things.

Enjoy the Freedom of the Lake

While it may not be a good idea to travel or spend time in large groups yet, the water can be a safe place to spend time. Recreational activity on the water is a great way to get out of the stuffy house while still helping prevent the spread of germs between others. Renting a boat at the Lake of the Ozarks can give you and your family the freedom to get out on the water away from crowds while you enjoy time together in the fresh air and sunshine.

Boat Rentals at the Lake

Get ready for Memorial Day Weekend by giving BomBay Boat Rental a call. (573-723-3502) We are the best boat rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks, so you won't want to miss out! There are a lot of different options, but once they're all rented, you'll be out of luck. Choose yours today!


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